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LED balloon internal light source options:

Pure Tungsten 3150k* – 4kw equivalent per Skylite LED module**

Pure Daylight 5600k* – 1.2kw equivalent per Skylite LED module

Hybrid – 1kw Daylight and 1kw Tungsten per module

      An existing hybrid balloon that uses daylight and tungsten with the emphasis on daylight and the tungsten creating a ‘wash’. Each Skylite LED module would give you the equivalent of 1kw daylight and 1kw of tungsten comparable to existing traditional light sources, based on the efficiency of the daylight being higher with existing light sources.

Bi-Colour*** -

      A 50/50 daylight/tungsten mix. Where our Hybrid modules favour daylight efficiency, these bi-colour modules just give an exact 50/50 mix of colour temperatures just like existing LED blankets/strip. If this needs a comparison to traditional light sources, then we would say that each module is the equivalent to approximately 650w of daylight and 2kw of tungsten.


* TLCI 99+/CRI 97+/R9 98+

** Module energy consumption rated at 600w

*** Bespoke option to be requested


Balloon sizes and number of modules per balloon:

7x7ft cube – up to 2 modules

8x8ft cube – up to 4 modules

8x8x3.5ft mattress – up to 1 module

9x9x3.5ft mattress – up to 2 modules

16x6.5x4.5ft tube – up to 4 modules

18x8x8ft tube – up to 8 modules  

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