9' x 9'x 3' Low Profile (Now in LED)

This low profile balloon has a depth of 3’, and is perfect for interior locations with low ceilings. It can also be rigged onto small cherry pickers. The balloon has a seamless bottom with the rest being internal reflectors, giving maximum output. The balloon comes with 4 skirts for maximum ambient control. LED option: Up to two modules. 8kw Pure Tungsten or 2.5kw Pure Daylight single colour. Bicolour: 4kw Tungsten and 1.2kw Daylight equivalent LED light source.

  • Envelope Size: 9’ x 9’ x 3’
  • Flying Height:
  • Tanks To Fill: 2
  • Bulb Capacity: LED: see above. Tungsten: 2 bulbs, 10Kw (max) - 2Kw or 5Kw. HMI: 2 bulbs, 5Kw (max) - 1.2Kw or 2.5Kw. Hybrid: 2 bulbs, 5Kw Tungsten (max) and 2.5Kw HMI (max) - any combination of 2Kw or 5Kw and 1.2Kw or 2.5Kw
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