18’ x 6.5’ Tube (Now in LED)

This tube offers a lot out output, (Max 18kw in Hybrid mode) making it ideal for both interior and exterior locations. It has strategically placed rigging points on all sides of the balloon, making it simple to rig onto cherry pickers, condors or float with maximum control. The skirting system allows maximum ambient light control. LED option: Up to 8 modules. 32kw Pure Tungsten or 10kw Pure Daylight single colour. Bicolour: 16kw Tungsten and 5kw Daylight equivalent LED light source.

  • Envelope Size: 18’ x 6.5’
  • Flying Height:
  • Tanks To Fill: 4
  • Bulb Capacity: LED: see above. Tungsten - 4 bulbs, 20Kw (max) - 2Kw or 5Kw HMI - 4 bulbs, 16Kw (max) – 1.2Kw, 2.5Kw or 4Kw Hybrid- 4 bulbs, 15Kw Tungsten and 12Kw HMI (max) – any combination of 2Kw or 5Kw and 1.2Kw, 2.5Kw or 4Kw
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